Attention: 6 & 7-Figure Business Owners

Industry Growth Series

Tackle 2021 With A Tailored Growth Plan
For Your Business
 Dexus Place, 1 Margaret Street, Sydney, NSW
To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.

What The Industry Growth Series Is About

The Industry Growth Series will feature 5 different industries over a period of 5 days and will be held live in Sydney. For the safety of everyone involved, we will open up to 20 seats max, only. 

Here, you will:
  • Learn directly from two Industry Experts and peers who have direct business experience in your industry.
  • Discover and implement tried-and-tested business growth roadmaps, with each one tailored according to industry. 
  • Walk away with a clear plan of what you need to do right now to capitalise on the growth in front of you and plant the seeds that will grow your business in 2021.
To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.

5 Industries, Across 5 Days.
All Happening LIVE In Sydney.

Each LIVE Event Is Tailored For 6 & 7-Figure Business Owners Only

Finding out where your business stands today is key to knowing your best next steps.

To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.

4 Key Outcomes You’ll Walk Away With

Over 10 years of growing thousands of businesses have led us to build a treasure trove of proven systems, case studies, and strong connections across all industries. And on the Industry Growth Series, we will make these resources available to you when you join us.
1. The Entourage Growth Strategies You Can Apply To Your Business Now
  • Meet The 7 and 8 Figure Businesses That We’ve Helped Grow And Discover The Strategies We Use
  • A Tried-And-Tested Growth Playbook For Your Business
  • Identify What Stage Your Business Is In, And What Playbook Is Right For You
2. Strategies and Case Studies Tailored Specifically To Your Industry
  • The Highs & Lows of 2020, As Told By Business Owners Like You
  • Models Of Success: Timely Case Studies That You Can Learn From And Copy For Your Business
  • The “New Normal” Game Plan: Examples Of Businesses That Prospered Amidst COVID-19
3. A Clear Plan Of What You Need To Focus On For 2021
  • How Leaders In Your Industry See 2021 Unfolding, And What To Do About It
  • The 6 Pillars Of Success Every Multi-Million Dollar Business Has Mastered, And Why You’ll Fail Without Them
  • Identify The 6 Pillars Of Success In Your Own Business, And Why You Need To Focus On Them NOW
4. Know Exactly What You Need To Do NOW To Slingshot Into Next Year
  • Your Custom 12-Month Strategic Roadmap (Based On The 6 Pillars Of Successful Businesses)
  • Success Resources: The Proven Systems & Networks In Your Industry That Will Help You Succeed Faster, And How To Access Them
  • Why NOW Is The Most Crucial Time To Start, And What You Stand To Lose If You’re Too Late
This Event Is For established Business Owners In These 5 Industries
  • ​Trade & Construction
  • ​Health & Fitness
  • ​Professional Services
  • ​Retail / eCommerce
  • ​Real Estate
This event is NOT for..
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • ​Marketing Managers
  • ​Business owners just starting out with less than $500,000 revenue
  • ​Entrepreneurs still in the idea phase and have not yet launched their business
To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.

About Your Industry Experts

Andrew Morello
Andrew Morello is an awarded entrepreneur, investor, author, and the winner of the first Australian Apprentice.
Prior to becoming Head of Business Development at The Entourage, Australia’s largest training institution for entrepreneurs and business owners, Morello spent 10 years alongside Mark Bouris AM building out the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management branch network nationally.

He has personally built an impressive property portfolio, and also led numerous community projects across Australia and internationally, including as a Founding Board Member of Project Gen Z, a social enterprise which runs entrepreneur and development programs for disadvantaged children. 

In recent years, Morello has summited Mount Kinabalu in Borneo and completed the Kokoda Trail to raise money for Seed Foundation, which supports indigenous health programs in remote communities.
STEV Lackovic
From representing Australia in his junior years as a basketball player, to becoming a professional poker player representing Australia in Macau, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Manila, Stev has always risen to the top of his field by mastering the craft that he dedicates himself to.

Stev started with The Entourage in 2015 and ascended into a leadership position of Head of Entrepreneurial Development. Throughout his career Stev is responsible for driving over $15m in revenue, and at The Entourage has helped enable the growth of small to medium sized businesses ranging from $0 to $40m in revenue. 

A student of sports, human psychology, high performance and how it translates to business growth, Stev’s circle of genius is in helping businesses to build sales teams and drive sales results that achieve rapid growth.

Over the years, Your Hosts, Stev Lackovic and Andrew Morello have helped create over $2 billion in value for the businesses that The Entourage has helped

1 hour of consulting with Either Of them Would normally cost $995
But in the Industry Growth Series in November, Stev and Morello will spend 5 hours with 20 chosen entrepreneurs to help them build a tailored 2021 growth plan for their business.
TODAY, you can join the Industry Growth Series to get access to Stev and MORELLO for just:

$97 $49

To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.

We've helped over 3,500 founders and 
7 figure business owners across 100+ industries grow their business.

Lena Hughes
Bubbles & Brushes

Shiran Faast
Aqua Gardening

Scott McLaren
Scott Electrics

WHY Is This Event Being Held Live?

Building a 2021 roadmap is a big move. And when you need to consult someone about such a life changing decision… you NEED to do it in person.

Now more than ever, business owners need to rekindle their connections with each other. 

It is time we get back together, make new things happen, and push progress forward. And it’s time we do this safely and responsibly.

That's why each event is limited to 20 seats only. This is to make sure we can all learn from and enjoy each other’s company while adhering to social distancing measures and keeping everyone safe.

To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.


Who is this event for?
This event was designed for established business owners with an annual turnover between $500,000 and $10 million, have been in business for a couple of years, and have at least a few team members.

While we may occasionally accept founders who have not quite reached that mark yet, please note that not all of the content is applicable for early stage business owners.

Can my business partner come?
Yes, absolutely.

One of the keys to success in a business is making sure all business partners are aligned.

Please bring your business partner along on the day. You'll need to purchase a separate ticket for them. (Please use a different name, phone number, and email address, or the purchase will not complete successfully.)

Can I bring my sales or marketing manager?
Yes, absolutely.

While this event is primarily for business owners like you, there will be parts that your marketing and/or sales manager will benefit from.

You'll need to purchase a separate ticket for them. (Please use a different name, phone number, and email address, or the purchase will not complete successfully.)

When should I arrive?
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to registration and get to know other attendees.

Can I buy the ticket at the door?
Unfortunately not, we have a strict 20 person limit on each of the 5 industry events to ensure the health & safety of our team and attendees. 

What’s included in the ticket?
The ticket includes a preparation session with an Entrepreneur Development Manager, along with full access to the event on the day.

We recommend that you keep your calendar clear for the day after the event so you can follow up with any connections you make and plan out your next best steps.

Can I send my sales or marketing manager on their own?
Unfortunately, no.

This event is intended primarily for business owners.

You may bring them with you as an extra seat if they are a key person of input for your long-term business decisions and strategy.
To ensure your safety, only 20 seats are available for each event.

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