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So who are these entrepreneurs?

Jack Delosa: 5x AFR Young Rich List Member & Founder/CEO of The Entourage
Andrew Morello: Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, & Winner of the 1st Australian Apprentice
Petar Lackovic: Over $2 Billion in Sales Generated for Australian Businesses
Stev Lackovic: Responsible For Driving Over $15 Million in Revenue
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high-growth focused entrepreneurs aren't born... 
They're built.
Have you ever thought about what sets apart business owners who make $300k, compared to those making $30 Million? 

It might shock you that it actually becomes easier the more money you make ... 

There are 4 indisputable characteristics of a scalable business. We’ve found the businesses that grow the fastest all have founders who understood these 4 characteristics and are able to embody them. 

There’s a specific “perfect fit” business structure that produces and supports scale. 

But here's the thing, if you make the right move at the wrong time, it'll kill your business. The most predictable way to know you're making the right move is by standing on the shoulder's of giants. 

That's what we're giving you in this free expert session. Jack Delosa is one of the most respected business minds in Australia today and he'll dive into your most pressing scaling challenges right now and prescribe the best next steps you need to take in order to scale successfully. 
Jack Delosa
Jack Delosa is the Founder & CEO of The Entourage, Australia's leading training institution for entrepreneurs.

He’s a five-time AFR Young Rich List Member, author of two best-selling books on entrepreneurship, TV host of 'Entrepreneurs' on the NINE Network, and has been featured on TedX, Today Tonight, Sunrise, The Morning Show, as well as Channel 7, 9 and 10.

Jack has personally trained, mentored and presented live to over 245,000 entrepreneurs, inspiring them to build the fastest growing companies in the country.

we will not spam or rent your information
* Not all applications will receive a session due to such high volumes
the fastest and most profitable way to grow...
strategic partnerships.
The biggest deals never happen as you sit behind your computer or in your office. The real needle-movers happen through relationships.

Imagine developing the most time and cost-effective ways to enhance your brand, expand your market, generate new leads, increase revenue and grow your business.

Throughout years of working with thousands of businesses around Australia, we've come to realize ONE THING…
There’s always ONE big domino when it comes to business development and strategic partnerships … 

Most entrepreneurs fail at this because they don't have the right approach or outreach strategy that has this one thing in mind: WIN, WIN, WIN

Every partnership or business development strategy must be beneficial for all parties involved, especially your target market. 

Morello has mastered the ability to build and sustain the most effective partnerships with complimentary brands in your industry that will be more valuable and profitable than any other revenue growth strategy you could implement.  

Andrew Morello
Andrew Morello is an awarded entrepreneur, investor, author, and the winner of the first Australian Apprentice. 
Prior to becoming Head of Business Development at The Entourage, Australia’s largest training institution for entrepreneurs and business owners, Morello spent 10 years alongside Mark Bouris AM building out the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management branch network nationally.

He has personally built an impressive property portfolio, and also led numerous community projects across Australia and internationally, including as a Founding Board Member of Project Gen Z, a social enterprise which runs entrepreneur and development programs for disadvantaged children. In recent years, Morello has summited Mount Kinabalu in Borneo and completed the Kokoda Trail to raise money for Seed Foundation, which supports indigenous health programs in remote communities.

we will not spam or rent your information
* Not all applications will receive a session due to such high volumes
building a predictable and scalable...
sales system.
Sales is at the heart of all business. 

Sales is communication, it's problem solving, it's the part where your customer makes the decision to choose YOU... and that happens in every business, no matter the type.

Over time, Petar Lackovic has systemised 8 core principles into what has now transformed businesses all around the country and generated an additional $2B worth of revenue for them.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to speak to your customers deepest motivations SO fluently that your customers will come knocking at your door, ASKING you to help them. 

If you run an online business, imagine your customers sharing and referring your products to all of their friends because they resonate so strongly with you and your brand. 

Imagine knowing (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that you can rely on your sales process to drive your business revenue consistently. 

And imagine doing all of this while having genuine conversations with your customers and building real relationships. 

All of this is achievable, regardless of your natural ability, when you learn the core principles of sales that Petar Lackovic has mastered. 

Petar Lackovic
For 26 years, Petar has specialised in creating and implementing successful sales processes for businesses across the country, generating over $2 Billion in revenue for his clients.

While he's been called upon by major brands like Mazda, Channel 9, and Westpac to redesign and reinvigorate their sales processes, Petar's passion is helping small and medium sized businesses build their sales systems so that they can grow and scale with confidence.

Petar is masterful at making the complex seem simple and the difficult seem attainable with his innate ability to make his sales methodology applicable to all industries.

we will not spam or rent your information
* Not all applications will receive a session due to such high volumes
building a predictable and scalable...
system For Growth.
Running a multi-million dollar business is different to a startup.

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, we’re obsessed with finding opportunities, converting leads and driving sales, whilst wearing all the hats.

We’re now focused on hiring, managing and leading staff. Our revenue challenges have transformed into operational challenges. But moving beyond the 7 or 8-figure barrier isn’t as liberating as we once thought it would be. If anything, it’s a whole new challenge. Another level to the game.

We need to transition from business operator to business architect. From specialist to leader. From practitioner to strategist. It’s no longer about how hard we work, but how smart we work, making sure we are doing the right things at the right times, not more things. Now is the time to learn how to play the bigger game. Now is the time to turn our business into a machine that can work without you.

With Stev’s Experience, design a 12-month growth roadmap that allows you and your team to break through your plateaus and achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Learn how to structure a growth marketing and sales system that it isn't reliant upon you and hits your targets month after month with ease.

Develop an empowered team that is engineered and structured to drive each of the key functions of your business. Whilst being able to architect your management KPIs and infrastructure to ensure performance is tracking and achieved.
Stev Lackovic
From representing Australia in his junior years as a basketball player, to becoming a professional poker player representing Australia in Macau, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Manila, Stev has always risen to the top of his field by mastering the craft that he dedicates himself to.

Stev started with The Entourage in 2015 and ascended into a leadership position of Head of Entrepreneurial Development. Throughout his career Stev is responsible for driving over $15m in revenue, and at The Entourage has helped enable the growth of small to medium sized businesses ranging from $0 to $40m in revenue. 

A student of sports, human psychology, high performance and how it translates to business growth, Stev’s circle of genius is in helping businesses to build sales teams and drive sales results that achieve rapid growth.
we will not spam or rent your information
* Not all applications will receive a session due to such high volumes
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"We're here to change the world by empowering entrepreneurs to make their impact."
The Entourage is a movement that is changing the world through a new kind of business education. Passionate about the importance of doing the work you love, we impact the lives of our community every day by educating them to build the life and business of their dreams.

Founded by entrepreneur, Jack Delosa in 2010, The Entourage was born out of a dissatisfaction with the training available to help entrepreneurs start and scale successful businesses.

Today we are Australia’s largest and most effective training institution for business owners, with a community of over 300,000.

Our members' personal and commercial outcomes are at heart of everything we do. Our Alumni pepper the lists of Australia’s fastest growing companies and most successful entrepreneurs. Proof that education works when it focuses on tangible, proven growth strategies.

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