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How To Go From 7 to 8-Figures By Building a Business That Can Grow Beyond You
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Inside, you'll discover:
  • ​Why you are hitting the "7-figure Glass Ceiling" and the exact process you need to take to get through it
  • The counter-intuitive mindset pattern you must have to breakthrough plateaus and scale up
  • How to grow faster, smarter and more profitably while not getting stuck in the daily operations
WARNING: The insights in this book could be the catalyst that helps to remove yourself from the daily operations, giving you freedom to focus on your highest and best use instead of being stuck in the day-to-day grind. 
about the author
jack delosa - 5x afr young rich lister and founder & ceo of the entourage
Jack Delosa is a five-time AFR Young Rich List Member, author of two best-selling books on vision-driven entrepreneurship, TV host of 'Entrepreneurs' on The Nine Network, and has been featured on TedX, Today Tonight, Sunrise, The Morning Show, as well as Channel 7, 9 and 10 News.

Jack is renowned for is his strategic guidance and his proven track-record building vision-driven 8-figure businesses that attract national acclaim. 

Download the first ever book of it's kind that Jack has personally written to help you build an automated 8-figure asset that ISN'T dependent on just you. The content in this book has literally transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds of 7 and 8-figure founders.
What does it take to build a business that's capable of turning over more than 8-figures in revenue while continuing to grow whether or not you, as the owner, are in the office?
Entrepreneurs are great at creating something out of nothing. In the early years of a venture we thrive because what drives the growth of the business is entrepreneurial intuition, improvisation and breaking through barriers to create momentum. 

What we are great at and how we are wired, perfectly align with what the business needs in order to grow.

However, we get to a point, usually around the $1M - $3M revenue mark (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) where we find ourselves managing HR issues, CRM’s, processes, cash-flow, P&L’s, buried in spreadsheets and tech platforms that are clumsily taped together. 
It's at this point that the business has now grown bigger than you. 
You now have more staff that need to be managed, higher wages, greater expenses, a bigger office, more complex operations that require policies and procedures, more customers that need to be delivered to and looked after, multiple projects at any given time, and cash outflows that can no longer be managed with a finger-in-the-air-type approach.

You find yourself buried in operational detail. 

The growth of the business plateau’s, or worse it continues to expand without the necessary foundation in place and your growing customer base becomes increasingly unhappy.
You find yourself working harder, doing more, and earning less. 
What were once your greatest strengths are now the very characteristics that are holding your company back.

One thing is clear, what got you to where you are is not going to get you to where you need to be.
Welcome to the seven figure ceiling. 
And, sincerely, well done on getting here - most never do.

While it is imperative you keep the entrepreneurial dynamism that has brought you this far, we now need to underpin it with the necessary structures that enable you to build a self- managing company. 

One that can grow sustainably without you being operationally involved. And this is a journey that can be incredibly enjoyable when done right.

The good news is that the seven figure ceiling is inevitable, these very challenges are universal, and there’s not many of them which means by learning the fundamentals, you can make huge ground toward building a business that can grow beyond you. 

In this book I’ll tell you exactly how to do this, and not just in a way that helps you break through the ceiling, but in a way that enables you to build a business that gives you the freedom you have always worked toward.

Whether that is the freedom to simply work more in the areas of your HBU (Highest & Best Use), or freedom to build a lifestyle and spend more time with your family.
Exactly What You're Getting In This Book
The Truth About Why You Are Hitting The "7-figure Glass Ceiling" And The Exact Process You Need To Take To Get Through It

It's simple ... what got you to 7-figures is what's holding you back from getting to 8. There are some fundamental changes in thinking that every 8-figure entrepreneur makes before they breakthrough. 
The Counter-Intuitive Mindset Pattern You Must Have To Breakthrough Plateaus And Scale Up
Very few 7-figure business owners do this, and I think it's around 100 times easier to change than anyone else would tell you about (hint: because it's the mindset that actually got you into business in the first place)
How To Grow 10x Faster, While Working Less Hours And Not Getting Stuck In The Daily Operations
On page 12 I reveal the exact reason why you're stuck in the daily operations. You need to start asking yourself, “What do I need to do in order to get this business to a point where it can grow sustainably without me?”

The scale stage requires your biggest paradigm shift in business yet.
The Growth Secrets Great Companies Use To Scale Effectively Without Losing Efficiency
The most fundamental mistake seven figure business owners make is to keep managing their business like a startup, years after the business has grown out of the startup phase.

The reason for this isn’t necessarily a capability gap, but rather you've habitualised the behaviours that were once effective. Now the business is at a different stage and you simply haven’t consciously reassessed what is working, what is not and what needs to change.
The Top 3 Challenges 7-figure Founders Face (and the paradigm shift that helps you overcome them)
What got you to where you are was entrepreneurial hustle and brute force. In order to build a business that can grow beyond you, you now need to round out your entrepreneurial energy with basic business fundamentals. 

The challenges you face are new. The are unique to 7-figure business owners, yet they are universal, and much easier to overcome than you would think. 
Sunil Kumar, the founder of a boutique real estate agency in Melbourne's western suburbs had 15 employees and a yearly revenue of $1.2M dollars before finding The Entourage.

In only 3 short years, Reliance has grown to over 100 employees and over $16M in revenue. They've been nominate and won over a dozen entrepreneurship awards including taking 8th place in Financial Review's Fast 100.
Sunil Kumar - Founder of Reliance Real Estate
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