The #1 Mistake 7-Figure Business Owners Make
That Stops You Building An Automated 8-Figure Asset
WARNING: The insights in this book could be the catalyst that helps you remove yourself from the daily operations, giving you freedom to focus on your highest and best use instead of being stuck in the day-to-day grind. 
What You'll Discover
The secrets of 8-figure scale Without Working Harder
Discover exact framework for building a business that's capable of turning over more than 8-figures in revenue and continuing to grow whether you're in the office or not
How to create "FREEDOM" in your business
Gain insights into the business structure needed to help remove yourself from the day-to-day operations while continuing to empower your team so they care about the growth of your business as much as you
how great businesses scale effectively
Every great entrepreneur and business owner knows that while all businesses are different, what you actually do is very universal. Discover the 6 elements of business and how to effective lead each element of the business successfully. 
Sunil Kumar, the founder of a boutique real estate agency in Melbourne's western suburbs had a 15 employees and a yearly revenue of $1.2M dollars before finding The Entourage.

In only 3 short years, Reliance has grown to over 100 employees and over $16M in revenue. They've also been nominate and won over a dozen entrepreneurship awards including taking 8th place in Financial Review's Fast 100.
Sunil Kumar - Founder of Reliance Real Estate
about the author
jack delosa - 4x brw young rich lister and founder & ceo of the entourage
Jack Delosa is a five-time AFR Young Rich List Member, author of two best-selling books on vision-driven entrepreneurship, TV host of 'Entrepreneurs' on The Nine Network, and has been featured on TedX, Today Tonight, Sunrise, The Morning Show, as well as Channel 7, 9 and 10 News.

Jack is renowned for is his strategic guidance and his proven track-record building vision-driven 8-figure businesses that attract national acclaim. Download the first ever ebook of it's kind that Jack has personally written to help you build your dream business.

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